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Our Hypocrisy is not like theirs, Part 14

To my long-running series, “Our Hypocrisy is not like Theirs,” add this little item, which probably escaped most people’s notice because of the amount of BS emanating from Washington these days: there was a positive jobs report, and the Trump … Continue reading

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The Rats are all bailing from the Ship

It is interesting that now, in the wake of John Kasich’s suspension of his campaign, and with Donald Trump having a clear path to the nomination, none of the major leaders of his party is willing to endorse him. Not … Continue reading

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The louder they bray, the more I distrust them

It’s not only the Republicans who do this, but it does seem to be the specialty of “family values” Republicans to get caught up in some sexual escapade. Or sometimes something much darker. In the case of former Speaker of … Continue reading

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One can’t talk about debate “highlights,” there are only lowlights

Well, the Republicans had another debate last night, and one can’t really talk about debate highlights. There are really only lowlights. At least Marco Rubio finally figured out that there is so much to attack the Donald on with respect … Continue reading

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Republicans are starting to mull a Brokered Convention

Garbage in, garbage out. I’ve spent a lot of time recently arguing that the Republican party only has itself to blame for its current predicament, which is that it has assholes and demagogues leading the polls, and that they’ve been … Continue reading

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The Year of the Asshole

It’s become clear that, with respect to the American Presidential Campaign, this has become the Year of the Asshole. Donald Trump is obviously exhibit #1, but he’s hardly the only one. On the Republican side, the other candidates who have … Continue reading

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Fact-free campaigning

There was an interesting pair of articles recently – one by Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post and one by Michael A. Cohen in the Boston Globe – about how the Republican Presidential campaigns are increasingly “fact free” and filled … Continue reading

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