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Odd Bits of News Last Week

Last week was a strange week for news. We had a number of completely unrelated and completely disparate reports, and yet they were all interesting in their own ways. 1. The Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Verdict. Tsarnaev was, of course, sentenced to … Continue reading

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Berlin, Seventy Years Ago

Some of you may remember that Friday May 8th was Victory in Europe Day, the 70th anniversary of the unconditional surrender of what remained of the Nazi Regime in Germany. The Second World War really was the war to end … Continue reading

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Conservatives Re-elected in the United Kingdom

I know that Americans don’t really follow much what’s going on in other countries — I know in part because my hometown newspaper, the Boston Globe, didn’t even cover this on their front page because they were too mesmerized by … Continue reading

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We Really Should Let Texas Secede

Some of you may already know that Texas wants to secede from the United State more than any other state in the union. Sometime I think we should let them. Actually, sometimes I think we should have lost the civil … Continue reading

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We Really Did Not Know What We Were Doing

Yesterday, April 30th, was the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon — now Ho Chi Minh City — and the end of the American participation in the Vietnam war. What’s clear in retrospect is that we had no idea … Continue reading

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