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On the death of Avijit Roy

Some day there may be a story about an atheist hacking to death or blowing up someone because that person had offended against their adamant belief that there is no God.  (Spoiler alert: there actually is no God.) But that … Continue reading

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Eddie Ray Routh and the Insanity Defense

The conviction of Eddie Ray Routh in the “American Sniper” trial is more evidence that we need to reform the insanity defense. Because this guy was a first class whacko. This guy had serious mental health problems. He was diagnosed … Continue reading

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Entertainment Industry Congratulates Itself

The Academy Awards are tonight, and I put the broadcast on. That was probably a mistake. It’s a curiously tedious and self-congratulatory show, but then no industry knows self-congratulation like the entertainment industry. Aside from the Oscars, Tonys, Emmys and … Continue reading

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How does Rudy Guiliani love America?

Rudy Giuliani’s recent charge that President Obama “doesn’t love America” is a red herring, a smoke screen, and the kind of hypocrisy that Republicans love engaging in. Conservatives like to begin with the premise that they love America more than … Continue reading

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On Omission Bias and the Decision not to Vaccinate

The following is a very interesting contribution to the debate about vaccines, and the question of why some people choose not to vaccinate. The article makes the argument that something called “omission bias” might contribute to the decision not to … Continue reading

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The Certainty of the Monday Morning Quarterback

Some of you may have noticed that on Sunday there was a game called the Superbowl played in the United States. It’s American football, not to be confused with the football that the rest of the world plays. In any … Continue reading

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Americans Still Wouldn’t Vote for an Atheist for President

It’s not like this is news really, but Americans would still rather vote for someone who is Muslim, gay or lesbian, has smoke marijuana or is in their 70s for President, than to vote for an atheist. Not that I … Continue reading

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