One can’t talk about debate “highlights,” there are only lowlights

Well, the Republicans had another debate last night, and one can’t really talk about debate highlights. There are really only lowlights.

At least Marco Rubio finally figured out that there is so much to attack the Donald on with respect to his record as a businessman.

Cruz and Rubio finally called out the Donald for using illegal immigrants to build Trump Towers and other projects.

Wolf Blitzer finally asked the Donald how he was going to get the Mexicans to pay for that wall, and of course the Donald had no answer at all. He just promised to make it “ten feet taller.” Why doesn’t he just promise to make his Pinochio nose ten feet longer?

And Ben Carson is still serving as a door stop. Wake him up, somebody!

Then, the debate devolved into Cruz, Rubio and the Donald shouting over each other, literally like a bunch of third graders. Literally. Wolf Blitzer lost control of these guys a long time ago. The Donald just resorted to name calling, Rubio as the choke artist and Cruz as the liar. Cruz and Rubio weren’t much better.

You know, our current President won the Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t think that Prize was particularly deserved – I always felt like he mostly won it for managing to get himself elected President[1] – but after the eight years of smirking, mangled syntax and unjustified wars brought to us by George W., there’s no question that Obama’s class, bearing, and willingness to reach out to the international community came as a welcome relief.

However much we rehabilitated our image internationally by electing Obama, we’re completely undoing that by parading this group of clowns as serious contenders to lead the free world. A nation that can elect Barack Obama and then seriously consider electing Donald Trump can only be described with one word: schizophrenic.

We’ve become the schizophrenic superpower. There is no other explanation.

[1] Technically, the Nobel Committee gave Obama the 2009 prize for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people, and for his promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a “new climate” in international relations.


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