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Why do people want to use Ivermectin but not FDA-approved vaccines?

I have a friend on Facebook who has been promoting Ivermectin for months. She is not, in  my experience, a right winger, a Trump supporter, or a crazy person. Maybe a fan of alternative medicine, but that’s about it. Maybe … Continue reading

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I’m tired of arguing with Vaccine-skeptics. Do we argue about whether Drunk Driving is Wrong? The answer is No.

I’ve been reading some articles lately about how one might be able to persuade vaccine-skeptics and anti-maskers that it really would be better it they were to change their positions to come into tune with public health guidelines. Screw that, … Continue reading

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All the so-called experts on Afghanistan should just sit down and shut up.

Now that the Afghani government has collapsed like a house of cards, and the Taliban are firmly in control, I hear various “experts” being interviewed on the radio or on television about what happened. All these experts should just sit … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Matter how much longer we stay in Afghanistan, they will never be “safe” from the Taliban

Is it a total bummer that the Taliban are soon going to take over most, if not all of Afghanistan? Sure it is. But here’s the thing: it’s their country. The Taliban are Afghanis. It’s their own civil war. I … Continue reading

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A few disparate Thoughts on the Olympics

I’ve been pretty clear that I thought it was a mistake to hold the Olympics now in the midst of a resurging Pandemic, but hold them they did. NBC didn’t quite get what it wanted, as the ratings are apparently … Continue reading

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I’m completely losing patience with Climate-Deniers, Anti-Vaxxers, and People who still believe the Big Lie

I’ve been doing a slow burn that is turning into an unmodulated rage when it comes to three categories of people: Climate deniers Anti-vaxxers People still believing the Big Lie Taking them in order. Climate deniers For the second year … Continue reading

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