The Year of the Asshole

It’s become clear that, with respect to the American Presidential Campaign, this has become the Year of the Asshole. Donald Trump is obviously exhibit #1, but he’s hardly the only one. On the Republican side, the other candidates who have gotten some traction are Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz, and with the exception of Carson, that group is (with Trump) an assortment of assholes if there ever was one.

Ben Carson, more than being an asshole, just seems to be a liar. And bizarre. And medicated. In any case, it doesn’t really matter, because it appears that his moment has come and gone.

Carly Fiorina’s moment may also have come and gone. So far Carly has been an equal opportunity asshole. Whatever a man can do, she can do better. Except for being as big an asshole as Donald Trump. I don’t think she can quite match Trump.

Ted Cruz is on the ascendancy, and he appears to be the “establishment” choice other than Trump. Too bad, because he is an asswipe of major proportions. If you don’t know that now, trust me, you’ll see. Cruz can keep up with anyone in the asshole department.

Even on the left, we have Bernie Sanders, who just won Time’s reader’s poll as “Man of the Year.” Bernie isn’t an asshole. He’s just . . . what’s the word we’re looking for here? . . . irascible.

Hitlerium_1And then there is Donald Trump. He just called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Trump is the Captain of the Clown Car, and that was a load of red meat for his electorate.

The Republicans have been delivering red meat of this kind to their electorate for years. They’ve been feeding their electorate through Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, and of course, Rush Limbaugh. And now the electorate can’t get enough red meat. Enter Donald Trump.

A few people on the left have been comparing Trump to Hitler after his latest outburst. That comparison is absurd. It’s reduction ad Hitlerium. Trump isn’t a fascist. He’s a clown. With Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I don’t think Trump actually wants to be President, any more than Sarah Palin actually wanted to be the Governor of Alaska. He just wants to run for President. It’s feeding his massively outsized ego, and allowing him to think that he matters. Trump doesn’t matter. He’s going to be a footnote in history, just like Ross Perot and Admiral Stockdale.

But he might be taking the Republican party down with him. One can only hope, because this party of racists and idiots and born-again racists and idiots is not deserving of the name “the party of Lincoln.”

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6 Responses to The Year of the Asshole

  1. Mary Lou says:

    I “liked” this before I even read it! …………… And now that I’ve read it, I have to say CONGRATULATIONS! You nailed it! Right on! Bravo!!

  2. jakester48 says:

    For someone who is not a US voter, it is a matter of real concern that any of these people could become “leader of the free world”. I was encouraged by the fact that at least Cruz had the requisite number of brain cells until I read something of his political record. Please, America, do us all a favour and elect someone with some common sense.

  3. Bonnie says:

    NPR reported today that Tump has said he doesn’t mind being compared to Hitler. I’ve never supported Trump, but if I had, that statement alone would have knocked me off his bandwagon. His entertainment value is certainly waning and with it, his numbers will tank. I have to agree with you that he doesn’t really want the job, he’s just having fun running for office and spouting his nonsense to an audience of morons. He must realize that running a country isn’t the same as running a business; he can’t just fire the pols who disagree with him. Well, he’ll always have his gilded clown car and a gorgeous, bored woman at his side. :0)

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