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Arlie Russel Hochschild and the Analogy of Cutting in Line

In the last decade there have been a spate of books examining the question of why conservatives so often seem to vote against their own economic interest. “What’s the Matter with Kansas” and “Deer Hunting with Jesus” are excellent examples … Continue reading

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Not this time, Captain Hoodwink. (No, Hillary didn’t start the birther movement.)

One of the things that we attempt to do here at the Skeptic’s blog is to point out propaganda when we see it. Today is one of those days. Yesterday we wrote about the Donald’s acknowledgement last Friday that “President … Continue reading

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It’s not time to hit the Panic Button yet, my liberal friends

As the polls have been tightening, again, a number of my friends who have been freaking out about it. And then, right on cue, Michael Cohen over at the Boston Globe wrote an opinion piece entitled “Panicked Liberals are Petrified.” … Continue reading

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At this point the problem is not with the Donald; it is with Us

I’ve always had a bifurcated relationship with Facebook, and one area where I’ve changed my mind from time to time has to do with whether to post political material on Facebook. In a lot of ways, Facebook does not seem … Continue reading

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With Hillary Clinton, at least you will Still Have a House

There have been some watershed political moments in my life. One was when Ronald Reagan got elected in November of 1980, and most of the rest of the country thought he was this amazing inspirational guy. Even my beloved home … Continue reading

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There is a False Narrative that this is an Election between Two Terrible Candidates

There is a false narrative which has been perpetrated in this election which is that this election is one between two bad and unlikable candidates. That narrative is completely false. This is an election between one very good and very … Continue reading

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I thought Spouses were supposed to be Off Limits on this Campaign

Ever since the dustup between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over their spouses, I thought that Presidential spouses were off limits. You know, the one where someone posted a sexy picture of his wife Melania and he responded by tweeting … Continue reading

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