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More about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Yesterday I wrote an article about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law, but it turns out there is something important that I also missed, that I learned about this morning. (I might have picked it up if I had read the whole … Continue reading

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About the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Some of you may be aware of a new category of law that comes under the rubric “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” A U.S. federal statute was first introduced, by of all people, Democratic Senator (then Representative) Chuck Schumer, entitled the Religious … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz for President?

Michael A. Cohen had an article in the Boston Globe yesterday entitled A Ted Cruz loss would help GOP recover. The thesis of the article was that if Cruz were actually to be the Presidential nominee he would get slaughtered … Continue reading

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A Tragic Story with Unintended Consequences

The Boston Globe published a piece today, the headline of which says it all: Mental health advocates worry about fallout from plane crash.  The piece is about the fall-out of the Germanwings crash, and 27-year old co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who … Continue reading

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Where are our Budget Priorities?

If you’ve been following the federal budget process at all — and who doesn’t, with bated breath? — you know that the Republican House and Senate have recently passed budget bills that intended, at least ostensibly, to balance the budget … Continue reading

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The Blurred Lines Verdict and Why it should be Overturned.

Today we’re heading a little bit away from our normal fare of religion and politics into the world of law and musical copyright. In particular, the rather extraordinary judgment handed down against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for their song … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Wins Reelection (Prospects for Peace do not Improve)

If you’ve been following world politics at all, you know that Benjamin Netanyahu just won re-election as Prime Minister of Israel. This doesn’t augur well for world peace, or any kind of resolution in the long-simmering Arab-Israeli conflict. The general … Continue reading

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Three Thoughts about Hillary

I have three thoughts in the wake of the Hillary Clinton “scandal” relative to her use of her own email servers instead of then official State Department email. First, it seems to me the Democrats had better unearth another credible … Continue reading

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The 47 Senators are not Traitors (Just Blowhards)

I’ve gotten solicitations from Move in the last couple of days branding the 47 Republican Senators who signed the Open Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran as “traitors.” The legal argument is that these 47 … Continue reading

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The Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial Catharsis

The trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been underway at the federal courthouse in Boston for about a week now, and my sense is that it’s mostly serving as one giant catharsis for the greater Boston area. I mean, it’s not … Continue reading

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