Our Hypocrisy is not like theirs, Part 14

To my long-running series, “Our Hypocrisy is not like Theirs,” add this little item, which probably escaped most people’s notice because of the amount of BS emanating from Washington these days: there was a positive jobs report, and the Trump Administration embraced it.

This is, of course, in contrast to how Trump responded to all of the positive jobs reports under the Obama Presidency during the course of the campaign. And now Trump wants to take credit for it.


So, just to reiterate:

  1. During the campaign Trump was consistently attacking government-sponsored economic data as being “fake data.” Now he embraces it.
  2. Trump wants to take credit, after 50 days, for the positive economic news that is riding on Obama’s coat-tails (since there is normally a delay of some months between executive action and an impact on the economy.)

When confronted with the contradiction, Sean Spicer just laughs about it, since it’s impossible to defend. And the reporters just laugh with him.

As Politico noted about this story, Trump has set the bar so low that no one even cares. Trump “spent months routinely maligning the work of career civil servants for no good reason. And now that it’s convenient for him to accept their work, he’s going to start accepting it. But there’s no apology and no admission of error — and it’s not even a big story. Just another day at the office.”

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