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Lion-killing dentist is getting all the shame he deserves on the Internet

As has been widely reported in the media by now, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer is a big-time game hunter, and he travels around the world to shoot big game with a bow and arrow. He can, of course, do whatever … Continue reading

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck tries to defend cop who stopped Sandra Bland, ends up indicting herself

This woman was just profiled by the cop for no reason other than that she was black and driving through his county, and she should show him “respect” for that? Continue reading

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Tom Brady is completely guilty, any honest broker must admit

While Brady might be in the “habit” of destroying his cell phones, you don’t destroy your cell phone with its 10,000 messages when you know that it is a crucial piece of evidence in an ongoing investigation. Continue reading

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I’m not sure if the withdrawal of Boston’s Olympic bid is a good thing or a bad thing.

Why, for example, do they have soccer in the Olympics when we already have the World Cup and all kinds of separate FIFA tournaments for players under age 20 and under age 17? Continue reading

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Jon Stewart couldn’t contain himself anymore, is doing Trump all the time.

On Monday of last week, after returning from a couple of weeks of vacation, and on to his stretch run at the Daily Show, Jon Stewart couldn’t contain himself. He was doing all Trump all the time. Daily Show correspondent … Continue reading

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A black woman can’t drive through a county in Texas without getting herself killed.

As human beings, we should all be outraged. We should be outraged that this woman, who was completely within her rights, couldn’t drive through Texas without getting killed. Continue reading

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Eight questions for the detractors of the Joint Plan of Action

Since the signing of the Joint Plan of Action between Iran and the “P5+1” powers – the United States, China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, plus Germany – on July 14th in Vienna, Israel and other foes of the agreement have … Continue reading

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