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The righteous anger of Tess Rafferty, and the manufactured crisis

A few days after the election of Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States, a woman named Tess Rafferty[1] recorded an incendiary email, a love letter of sorts to the right wing of America. The … Continue reading

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These are the sources your President Elect is getting his information from

So, this is your President Elect on the week after Thanksgiving: a guy who thinks nothing of inventing lies out of whole cloth to suit his needs. I mean, that isn’t much different than the campaign he ran, so it … Continue reading

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What I’m thankful for this morning, and what I’m not

I have to admit that I’m not feeling particularly thankful today. I wake up every morning in a world in which Donald J. Trump was just voted in as the next President of the United States. And I ask the … Continue reading

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The Improvised Presidency of Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump’s will be the first improvised Presidency in the history of our nation. If you’ve read his biographies or watched his performance on the campaign trail, you know this to be true. Trump negotiates the way a civil litigator … Continue reading

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It’s not yet time to throw the Baby out with the Bathwater

There have been so many petitions circulating and letters written since the election of the Donald, and it feels to me right now like our side is pretty much firing at anything that moves. It’s a lot of frenetic energy, … Continue reading

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This is why I cannot Shut Up

After this election was over, it was really my plan to shut up for quite some time, to stop posting anything political on Facebook, and to stay silent while the country settled down. I figured that Hillary Clinton would come … Continue reading

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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

To all those people out there protesting or demanding that the Electoral College not elect Donald Trump, I’m afraid that you’re a day late and a dollar short. Especially if you didn’t vote in this election. All the protests out … Continue reading

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The Coming Political Civil War

A large number of Trump supporters seem to be genuinely confused about why liberals are suddenly so angry with the election of their champion, one Donald J. Trump. They’re all like, “our guy won, your gal lost, the election is … Continue reading

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I failed completely to have any Impact on this Election

There is a book by Erik Larson called “In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin.” The book follows the lives of the American ambassador William Dodd as he arrives in Berlin in 1933 … Continue reading

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Sorry, we can’t Play Nice anymore

This election has been an unmitigated disaster for progressives, and there is no way to sugarcoat it. We got the Captain of the Clown Car, and we didn’t even take back the Senate. So, the Republicans now have every branch … Continue reading

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