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It’s not about the Racism, it’s about the Narcissim

At yesterday’s news conference the real and unscripted Donald Trump came out and said what he really believed. As anyone who has observed Trump even a little bit should know by now, there is no containing Donald Trump. No one … Continue reading

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The problem with Southerners advocating for Confederate monuments

As anybody who follows the news knows, the incident in Charlottesville VA last weekend started with the objection of white supremacists (and some others) to taking down a statute of Robert E. Lee.  Some southerners argue that the confederate flag … Continue reading

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Our Hypocrisy is not like Donald Trump’s

By now, there has been a chorus of voices criticizing Donald Trump for his reaction to the events in Charlottesville Virginia. In case you don’t know, Charlottesville is the city in which the main campus of the University of Virginia, … Continue reading

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Our Hypocrisy is not Like Theirs, Part 14

As loyal readers of the blog know, I have on occasion published posts in a long-running series entitled “Our Hypocrisy is not like Theirs.” Today we’re up to Part 14. I saw a certain kind of irony in the following … Continue reading

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The Senate Republican Health Care Screw Job

How does one put this delicately? Mitch McConnell and his gang that couldn’t shoot straight are trying to fuck us in the ass. Okay, maybe that’s not delicate, but there is no way to over-emphasize the degree to which this … Continue reading

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We have a President with the emotional maturity of a Five year old.

As most of you know already, last week Donald Trump fired James Comey, and his administration fabricated this lengthy alibi involving Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (technically Comey’s boss) and his negative assessment of how Comey handled the Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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What to make of Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey?

What to make of the firing of James Comey yesterday by Donald Trump? It  certainly had echoes of the Saturday Night Massacre under the Nixon Administration. The official explanation from Trump’s administration is that Comey mishandled the investigation into Hillary … Continue reading

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