A Skeptic Goes

The “A Skeptic Goes” series is mostly part of my adventure in “personal growth” seminars from a journalistic perspective. Sometime in the late 1980s I attended an “Opening the Heart” workshop at Spring Hill of Ashby at the urging of a friend who thought the workshops were just great; then in September of 1998 I went out to attend a “Happiness is a Choice” workshop at the Option Institute on my own initiative. Things got more serious in September of 2004, when I and my then-partner went to the Landmark Forum — the successor to the Erhard Seminar (or “est”) Training — on the recommendation of her employers. For that experience I took good notes, not with the intention of writing about it, but more because I wanted to really understand the experience. The same former partner asked me to attend a “John of God” seminar in October of 2007, and a “Millionaire Mind” seminar in February of 2011. We then both attended the “Personal Mastery Intensive” in April of 2011 at the urging of two other friends. By this time I was pretty conscious of my desire to write about the experience, both for myself but potentially also for others. The succeeding articles are, then, about about my nascent adventures in the world of personal growth seminars, many of which had been highly recommended to me by friends.

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