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Hillary is not the “lesser of two evils,” America

If I hear one more person say about how the choice between the Donald and Hillary is “the lesser of two evils,” I’m going to platz. This election is mostly about one evil. But even that is debatable. Initially, let’s … Continue reading

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This is why we’re obsessed with terrorism

If we want to know why Americans are obsessed with terrorism, all we need to do is look at the coverage of the two home-grown “terrorist” attacks that took place last Sunday night. One was the pressure cooker bombing attacks … Continue reading

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Not this time, Captain Hoodwink. (No, Hillary didn’t start the birther movement.)

One of the things that we attempt to do here at the Skeptic’s blog is to point out propaganda when we see it. Today is one of those days. Yesterday we wrote about the Donald’s acknowledgement last Friday that “President … Continue reading

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It’s not time to hit the Panic Button yet, my liberal friends

As the polls have been tightening, again, a number of my friends who have been freaking out about it. And then, right on cue, Michael Cohen over at the Boston Globe wrote an opinion piece entitled “Panicked Liberals are Petrified.” … Continue reading

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Talk about a Rigged System: Apple Corp is in bed with Ireland

If you want to talk about a “rigged” system – but one that you can bet we won’t hear Donald Trump talking about – then look no further than the announcement out of the European Union that Apple owes approximately … Continue reading

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Trump’s Justification for the Border Wall: Propaganda in Action

Yesterday we were talking about what would be involved in actually enforcing a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Today, I want to highlight an interesting article from Michael Cohen of the Boston Globe, entitled “On Immigration: Trump’s … Continue reading

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What would really be involved with building a Wall

If you watched the news yesterday than you know that inimitable Presidential Candidate Donald Trump accepted an offer from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to take a jaunt south of the border and say hello. And indeed, that’s what the … Continue reading

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