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What’s wrong with a border wall anyway?

Donald Trump promised his supporters that he would build then a big beautiful wall on the Mexican border, and he promised us all, repeatedly, that the Mexican government would pay for it. Now he’s shut down the government to make … Continue reading

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Right-wing bloggers thought a student video of Alexandria dancing would damage her credibility.

Right wing bloggers and social media types tried to embarrass new Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by unearthing a video in which she and a bunch of other Boston University students dance in an effort to reproduce a scene from the Breakfast … Continue reading

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Donald Trump really is not like any other President

There are, I’m sure, conservatives out there who don’t understand why we (liberals and progressives, etc.) make such a big deal out of Donald Trump. They had to “suffer” through Barack Obama’s eight years as President. So allow me to … Continue reading

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The God of Abraham had the chance to prove his existence to me

Last year I posted on Facebook that I would start to believe in the God of Abraham if he were to take out Sheldon Adelson, both Koch brothers, and one of the Mercers (Robert or Rebekah) in 2018. I’d be … Continue reading

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