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The Trump Administration actually can ask the citizenship question on the Census

Today I’m going to be separating myself from some of my progressive friends on whether or not the Trump administration can ask the Census Bureau whether a respondent is a United States citizen as part of the Decennial Census questionnaire. … Continue reading

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Trump at 42% Approval Ratings

This morning I heard the discouraging news that Trump’s approval rating has ticked up slightly from the high 30’s to 42% in a new CNN poll.   Seriously? I despair for this country. After seeing him operate for the last … Continue reading

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Courageous Trump fires Tillerson via Twitter

Our President, who claimed that he would have the courage to run into buildings unarmed to confront a school shooter, doesn’t even have the balls to fire his Secretary of State face-to-face. No, just as with the firing of James … Continue reading

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Didn’t Republicans used to hate the Russkies?

Vladimir Putin went before the cameras yesterday in his annual State of the Nation speech, and essentially announced the revival of the Russian nuclear weapons program. He hinted strongly that no one would be able to ignore the Russian’s “strategic … Continue reading

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Hope Hicks resigning from the Trump Administration is not a little thing

Hope Hicks leaving the Trump campaign is not a little thing. Hicks is one of the original Trump loyalists. She’s only 29. The Donald and Ivanka are the only people she’s really ever worked for.[1] I don’t believe she’s going … Continue reading

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