Honestly, I can’t even watch these guys anymore.

Last night we had another Republican debate, and honestly I can’t even watch these debates anymore. Anything important that happens will be analyzed by the media anyway, and I can always catch some of the “highlights” (if one can call them that) on the late news.

This debate seems to be notable for the incompetence of the CNBC moderators and for Chris Christie having his debate moment. Good for him, although Jeb Bush was actually right on the merits: there should be some regulation of the fantasy sports industry. But Christie got in his lick about who essentially gives a fuck – which is clearly what he wanted to say – although he actually said something a little less New Jersey.

It’s also becoming clear that this year’s Republican campaign is going to replicate the one for four years ago in that we’re going to have a lot of different “flavors of the month.”

  • Last month it was clearly Donald Trump.
  • This month it appears to be Ben Carson.
  • Still waiting for Carly Fiorina to peak.
  • Jeb Bush, John Kasich, where are you?

We still have “less than a hundred” (actually exactly 95) until the February 1 caucuses in Iowa. Of course, that’s still 17 days longer than the entire 2015 election in Canada for Prime Minister, which was reportedly “the longest election in Canadian history.”

And that’s just until the bloody caucuses.

There are still plenty of flavors of the month that can (and certainly will) appear over the next year and a half. I wouldn’t get too excited about any of them right now.

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  1. So have you made up your mind yet?

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