The Rats are all bailing from the Ship

It is interesting that now, in the wake of John Kasich’s suspension of his campaign, and with Donald Trump having a clear path to the nomination, none of the major leaders of his party is willing to endorse him.

  • Not Paul Ryan, the putative leader and speaker of the House.
  • Not Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Republican candidate for President.
  • Not John McCain, the Arizona Senator and 2008 Republican candidate for President.
  • Not George W. Bush, the last Republican President.
  • Not George H.W. Bush, the elder, and other living Republican ex-President.

And they’re hardly the only ones. There’s already a list of top 98 Republicans who refuse to endorse Donald Trump. For Christ’s sake, even Charles Koch opined that Hillary might be a better President than Donald Trump!

Of course, it’s been said before and we’ll say it again. The Republicans have reaped what they sowed. They have been feeding rhetorical red meat to the electorate for so long, that now everyone is outraged. On the left we’re outraged because of the astonishing inequality that just permeates our society now, and because our elections are being bought and sold like on a Turkish market. On the right they’re outraged because no one has, in fact, done anything for the middle class and because people on the right now hate everything about politics and government. Nobody trusts nobody anymore. Enter reality television star Donald Trump.

Of course, Donald Trump is not a populist. He’s a narcissist. It’s true that he’s not a politician; he’s a huckster. He’s the greatest con man since Frank Abnagale. And he’s already conned millions upon millions of voters. He’s proof positive that American voters really are not too bright, despite decades if reassurances to the contrary. We’re not too bright. Sorry America.

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