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Oh sure, let’s throw women in jail for having an abortion

People forget sometimes how much of a struggle it was for all of us to get the right to choose. Now the Republicans have been pushing the pro-life position for a long time, but today Chris Matthews got Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Tuning out of Politics for a Week (Did I miss anything?)

I basically took the last week off from politics, as I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was burnt out. I needed a break. So, what has happened in the last week? Let’s take a look: Brussels suffered a devastating … Continue reading

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Three things that made Christianity what it is today

By now one figures that most people, at least most reasonably educated people, know that Easter is largely a pagan holiday. It’s based on the celebration of Ostara, and the Vernal Equinox. I wrote about this last year at Easter … Continue reading

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The Bankers and other Wall Street types only have themselves to blame

The bankers and Wall Street types really only have themselves to blame. With the ascendancy of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders (and Elizabeth Warren by proxy), it’s clear that the populists are ruling the day in this Presidential election year. … Continue reading

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We’ll see if the Anonymouse Hacker Collective can do any damage to the Donald

I got a little thrill – a decidedly politically incorrect thrill – to hear that the “hactivist” group Anonymous was taking on Donald Trump. According to some sources they have even had some initial success by releasing the Donald’s cell … Continue reading

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Another, and very good attempt to explain the Trump phenomenon

I wrote a while back about how the social scientists have not yet been able to explain the Trump phenomenon. They really haven’t. Now comes George Lakoff, the Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California … Continue reading

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Looking at the Super Tuesday results from Florida

Taking a closer look at Florida – which always seems to be a battleground state – I was fascinated by the results from the Super Tuesday #2 elections that happened earlier this week. What was fascinating is how close the … Continue reading

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