Can’t say that I’m sorry to see Ted Cruz go

I must say that I’m not sorry to see “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz drop out of the Presidential Race. This is the man that even the Speaker of his own party called “Lucifer in the flesh.” And the guy definitely made my flesh crawl. I always wanted to know more about Heidi to find out, who would marry this guy?

But now that leaves us with this: Donald Trump has a clear path to the Republican nomination.

We really are living in an alternate reality.

This man is either going to bring down the Republican party or the nation as a whole.

I say, let him bring down the Republican party. They deserve it.As Michael A. Cohen wrote this morning:

At one point, the Republican Party nominally stood on a platform of economic and social conservatism. At least that was the public face of the party. Today, with Trump at its helm, it’s a party of nativism, xenophobia, crudeness, and misogyny. Those elements were of course always present in the party — and are at the root of its modern political success. But they were generally hidden below the surface or utilized with dog whistles. With Trump, there is no mistaking the fact that what drives GOP voters is not conservative dogma, but rather resentment, anxiety, and fear, particularly of minorities, Muslims, and immigrants.

Even more searing than the electoral challenges, Trump has delivered a savage blow to the GOP’s conception of itself. Armed with a mere handful of endorsements from elected GOP officials, Trump has run a campaign aimed directly against the Republican establishment. And he beat the stuffing out of it. And by taking positions on everything from taxes and trade to transgender Americans and terrorism that run directly against decades of conservative orthodoxy, he’s left the Republican establishment with no clear ideological mooring. Is the GOP a party of small government conservatism or a party of nativism and white male resentment? For decades, Republicans tried to be both, and Trump has, with a single presidential campaign, exposed the fallacy that lay at the heart of the party — namely that its voters were only interested in conservative dogma insofar as it was married to those aforementioned feelings of resentment, anxiety, and fear. But when given a choice between dogma and dog whistle, they’ve chosen this year – overwhelmingly – to go with the latter.

But this is no “gimme” election, at least not yet. The man has a good chance of bringing down the nation as a whole. If he does get elected President there will be those of us who didn’t vote for him who will be the “don’t blame us, we’re from Massachusetts” crowd of the Nixon presidency. In other words, for the people who have voted for him, who are considering voting for him, or do end up voting for him in the general election, you’re going to own him. He’s totally going to be your doing. Don’t come back to the sane portion of the country later on and ask for our help in bailing you out. Uh, uh. This one is going to be totally on you.

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