With Hillary Clinton, at least you will Still Have a House

There have been some watershed political moments in my life. One was when Ronald Reagan got elected in November of 1980, and most of the rest of the country thought he was this amazing inspirational guy. Even my beloved home state, my “don’t blame me, I’m from Massachusetts” state, voted for this B-grade Actor. I didn’t think he was a good – never mind great – President then, and thirty-six years later, I haven’t changed my mind about that.[1] I thought he was an under-rated actor and a hugely over-rated President. That election certainly brought home to me that I am not in the mainstream of American politics.

Burning-HouseAnd now we have Carrot Top, who something like 50 million Americans actually think is qualified to be President. I’m dumbfounded. As in completely dumbfounded. I know a lot of people don’t like Hillary and don’t like the Clintons for being America’s royal family, but this choice should not be a close call for any thinking human being. Trump is a flame thrower and he’s going to burn down your house. The only problem with that is, you will no longer have a fucking house!

Oh, he’ll tell you that he can rebuild your house, and that it is going to be “really great,” except that he has no actual plans. And you can’t actually afford a new house. And he hasn’t actually told you what it will cost.

On the other hand, Hillary may just remodel the cabinets in your kitchen and do some gardening. Maybe your house won’t everything you want it to be, but at least you’ll still have a fucking house! As a bonus, you’ll have some nice cabinets, and a pleasant garden to sit in. How is this even a question?

[1] Count me among those who think that his early onset Alzheimer’s began while he was still President. But Reagan seems quaint, almost reasonable now, when compared to Trump or the Tea Party.

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