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It’s people like us who are running nuclear power plants

I came across this great picture of a wolf at Chernobyl. For those of you who don’t remember, that is the nuclear power accident that happened back on April 26, 1986, or exactly 30 years ago today. And laid waste … Continue reading

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Unlike lab rats, Americans are completely untrainable

It’s been reported recently in the news that, with gas prices at record lows, people are “trading in their hybrids” and buying SUVs again. We really are morons. Lab rats can at least can be trained. We, it appears, are … Continue reading

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The incomprehensible and completely avoidable public health disaster in Flint, Michigan

It wasn’t that long ago that I used to like to cite this statistic for the proposition that things had gotten better when it came to the question of race, in the United States: if you lived in the toney … Continue reading

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Submit to the snow, which rewards indolence and punishes the go-getters

Here’s a great little piece in the opinion section of the New York Times about how in the case of a blizzard, one should do nothing. A snowstorm rewards indolence and punishes the go-getters, which is one of reasons it’s … Continue reading

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Have fun shoveling snow, climate change deniers!

There’s a new normal in the Northeastern states for winter weather, and it’s not good, frankly. The new pattern seems to be this: we get a nice and warm December, which brings us a Christmas without snow and much warmer … Continue reading

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If Daesh is so adept at Social Media

Here’s one thing I haven’t understood for a while: if ISIS/ISIL/Daesh-or-whatever the fuck we’re calling them today is so adept at social media, why can’t we use that against them in our supposed war on them. I mean, Daesh is … Continue reading

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Can one die of a broken heart?

Can you die of a broken heart? Maybe. Maybe so. There was a story recently that Doug Flute – he of the “Hail Mary Miracle in Miami” win over the Hurricanes back in 1984 – lost both his parents within … Continue reading

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