If Daesh is so adept at Social Media

isis-facebook-page2Here’s one thing I haven’t understood for a while: if ISIS/ISIL/Daesh-or-whatever the fuck we’re calling them today is so adept at social media, why can’t we use that against them in our supposed war on them.

I mean, Daesh is apparently expert at using Facebook and Twitter.

And who the fuck owns Facebook and Twitter?

We do.

For Christ’s sake, if there’s one thing we know about computers, it’s that they leave a trail everywhere. Have you ever looked at the actual metadata in an email? It’s replete with information about where the message came from, and the location of the email server, and technical details about the account.

Osama bin Laden, lest we forget, never used any kind of email account, a computer, a cell phone, or any other electronic device that would allow us to track back to him. He only used couriers, and it was only through identifying and tracking one of his couriers that we were able to find him.

But these guys from Daesh? They are all over social media.

Which should give us a ton of information that we can use against them, including where they are located. And who they are communicating with. And who they are trying to recruit.

I mean, how hard should it be to identify the Daesh users on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and just invade their accounts and follow all of their contacts. When they convince some stupid 16 year old to chuck it all and fly to Syria from London – even if it is via Istanbul – how hard could it possibly be to arrest that idiot kid at the airport.

There is something here that I really don’t get.

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  1. DoomKitty says:

    But such informations are just good enough for knowing what to sell to people, not to actually protect them… *sarcasm off*

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