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The God of Abraham had the chance to prove his existence to me

Last year I posted on Facebook that I would start to believe in the God of Abraham if he were to take out Sheldon Adelson, both Koch brothers, and one of the Mercers (Robert or Rebekah) in 2018. I’d be … Continue reading

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Three things that made Christianity what it is today

By now one figures that most people, at least most reasonably educated people, know that Easter is largely a pagan holiday. It’s based on the celebration of Ostara, and the Vernal Equinox. I wrote about this last year at Easter … Continue reading

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Pulling Together the Strands for 2016

In the last week of 2015 I recapitulated the central ideas that fuel the blog. These included the following: That the state of political discourse in the United States is currently very low, and that the populace in general has … Continue reading

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On the Wizard of Oz

Back in 2005, the University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner published a book called “Freakonomics.” The book has been described as attempt to meld together pop culture with economics. By 2009 it … Continue reading

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Philosophical Arguments about God

There are a number of philosophical arguments that have been made on behalf of the existence of God, and many of these arguments are, if nothing less, intellectually interesting. Some of them are even ostensibly persuasive. And I am, indeed, … Continue reading

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On the Self-Help Movement

Closely related to New Age religions and New Thought religions are the self-help and human potential movements. None of these terms have, of course, precise definitions. The beginning of “self-help” has at times been traced all the way back to … Continue reading

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On New Age Thinking

It’s not just Christians who engage in wishful thinking, in belief in an afterlife and the soul and that the children from Newtown are all in heaven. It’s also the hordes of people who now define themselves as “spiritual but … Continue reading

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