Have fun shoveling snow, climate change deniers!

There’s a new normal in the Northeastern states for winter weather, and it’s not good, frankly. The new pattern seems to be this: we get a nice and warm December, which brings us a Christmas without snow and much warmer ocean water than usual. Then, at some point, the polar vortex up in Canada breaks through into the United States, and it gets as cold as fuck down here.


That’s when we get these massive storms over New England and other states in the Northeast that we’ve never really gotten before.

Last winter, Boston set records for snow fall in one short six week period, a period that didn’t even begin until the end of January, and still broke records by dumping 110 inches (280 centimeters), or more than 9 feet of snow into this shortened winter season.

It almost broke our backs and our spirits.

And this year, we have the same thing looming again. Now a snowstorm named Jonas – and normally name hurricanes, not snow storms – is dumping a record 2 feet of snow over Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. It looks like – miracle of miracles – it’s mostly going to spare Boston by heading out to sea. But we still have a little over two months of “official” winter, and that will be plenty of time to have another snow Armageddon around here.

If we don’t, it will mostly be because there is an El Niño in the Pacific, bringing us an unusually mild winter. (Last year the west coast had an unusually mild winter.)

In any case, for you climate change deniers, have fun shoveling out your driveway year after year!

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5 Responses to Have fun shoveling snow, climate change deniers!

  1. SKANLYN says:

    The Yellowstone volcano is eventually going to destroy life as we know it. The earth will eventually be swallowed by the sun. And the entire universe will eventually tear itself apart in the Big Rip. I don’t deny climate change. I just don’t care to sacrifice convenience in a futile attempt to postpone the inevitable. And I moved South a dozen tears ago so I don’t have to deal with shoveling snow.

  2. Its-Jme says:

    I live in Alberta,Canada. While all this is happening in the states, we’ve had one of our warmest winters yet with very little snow. People need to wake up..

  3. jakester48 says:

    You gave a link – cold as fuck – to a NewsThump article about a foulmouthed weather forecaster. I just wanted to be sure that your readers realise that NewsThump is a complete spoof, along the lines of The Onion.

  4. a1skeptic says:

    You’re absolutely correct, @jakester48, Carol Kirkwood did not actually say that it was cold as fuck, but it would be so great if she had. But maybe readers from countries outside of Great Britain wouldn’t know that it’s a spoof.

  5. a1skeptic says:

    Well, @skanlyn, you’re absolutely right that the Yellowstone Volcano will eventually blow up the western half of the United States.

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