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Philosophical Arguments about God

There are a number of philosophical arguments that have been made on behalf of the existence of God, and many of these arguments are, if nothing less, intellectually interesting. Some of them are even ostensibly persuasive. And I am, indeed, … Continue reading

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Some people berated me for my Post yesterday. But I stand by it.

Some people berated me yesterday, after my otherwise trenchant post in the wake of the Paris bombings, when they thought that I tacked on an observation about how there is no God. They felt it was gratuitous and unnecessary. But … Continue reading

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Jesus Didn’t Die for My Sins

Jesus, who is a remarkable prophet and an admirable historical figure, didn’t die for my sins.  Because I’ve never sinned.  Which is not to say that I’ve never made mistakes.  I’ve made plenty, although not as many as the Catholic … Continue reading

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