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On the Wizard of Oz

Back in 2005, the University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner published a book called “Freakonomics.” The book has been described as attempt to meld together pop culture with economics. By 2009 it … Continue reading

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What does an Athiest Believe?

Someone once said to me that saying you’re an atheist is like saying that you don’t play golf. It doesn’t tell you a lot about what you do play, or what you do believe. And atheists generally do believe in … Continue reading

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On Year Without God Turned a Pastor Around

Today I came across an interesting little story about former Seventh-Day Adventist pastor Ryan Bell, who the beginning of 2014, made the highly unusual New Year’s resolution to “live for one year without God.” Apparently it turned him into an … Continue reading

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Jesus Didn’t Die for My Sins

Jesus, who is a remarkable prophet and an admirable historical figure, didn’t die for my sins.  Because I’ve never sinned.  Which is not to say that I’ve never made mistakes.  I’ve made plenty, although not as many as the Catholic … Continue reading

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On Biblical Literalism (and its Public Policy Consequences)

Introduction Have you ever noticed that there has never been a massacre between atheists and agnostics. And no pantheist has ever gunned down a pandeist because of a theological dispute. That kind of behavior is reserved for people of religious … Continue reading

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