Even I want to know who Becky with the Good Hair turns out to be

One of the things that I’m conscious of is that I’m conscious of is that I’m not particularly connected to black culture, but even I want to know about Becky with the Good Hair. In case you were living in a cave last week, Beyoncé dropped a “visual album” called Lemonade in which she, among other things, had some things to say on her husband Jay Z having an affair with a woman who apparently has good hair. When it comes to black culture, I definitely know that I am out of the loop.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a talented guy, no doubt, but he was also almost certainly a pedophile. I appreciate his music and especially his collaboration with Quincy Jones, but his being a pedophile definitely derogate from my ability to appreciate his music. And I also wonder what it was all about with him trying to change himself surgically into what appeared to be a white version of Diana Ross. I have some sympathy for Michael Jackson, however, because this guy grew up in a bubble, and clearly growing up in a bubble is hard. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have also demonstrated that.

Prince Rogers Nelson

As a musician myself, I could certainly appreciate Prince’s remarkable musicianship. This kid was a one-man band, and he really did synthesize a lot of musical styles and come out with a voice that was all his own. What had turned me off a little bit in the early years was the personality he projected, such as in the film Purple Rain, where (essentially playing himself) he came of like kind of a spoiled, entitled little brat. In addition, I wasn’t that into his super-sexualized persona. But it turns out I may have been unfair to Prince. By most accounts, he was a very shy guy, who really made a difference for a lot of people, including the people of Minnesota, where he stayed all his life. So I stand corrected. It’s a real shame that a relatively young guy, supremely talented, a vegan and health nut, and apparently something of a Mensch, had his life taken so early.

Beyoncé Knowles

From the moment that I first saw Beyoncé as a member of Destiny’s Child, you could feel that this woman was powerful. She was clearly beautiful and confident, and turns out to be an insanely talented business woman. As an artist the “Queen Bey” doesn’t do that much for me. Too much electronica and attitude, not enough melody and harmony for me. And the dancing and outfits, also, seem to be unnecessarily sexualized. One thing I’ve always wanted to say to her, if I were ever to have her ear, is that you don’t have to try so hard. You’re a beautiful woman, you don’t have to push your sexuality so hard. But Beyoncé is undeniably a good singer, and I give her a lot of props for using her celebrity to speak directly to other black women, as she has apparently done in Lemonade. And I, too, am curious to find out who Becky with the Good Hair will eventually turn out to be.

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