It’s now pretty clear that the Clown Car is the Republican Party

If Donald Trump is the Captain of the Clown Car, then it’s now pretty clear that the Clown Car is the Republican Party. This was once the party of Lincoln. That was so long ago, that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. It hasn’t for a long time.

And now, it seems clearer and clearer that we’re going to have a run-off between the most qualified non-incumbent ever, and the most unqualified candidate ever. I don’t think the Republican party survives this intact.

“Little Marco” Rubio was shellacked in Florida, losing his home state to Donald Trump by 440,070 votes. Rubio thought he could make the jump from freshman Senator to President just like Obama did. But Obama had character whereas Rubio has only rhetoric.

And John Kasich actually won his home state, but I predict here that this is the last primary he is going to win. The Republican’s will anoint him as the Trump alternative because they all hate Ted Cruz, but it’s not going to help him. Kasich has had his one moment in the sun, and will be right back in the Donald’s shadow after yesterday.

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