Looking at the Super Tuesday results from Florida

Taking a closer look at Florida – which always seems to be a battleground state – I was fascinated by the results from the Super Tuesday #2 elections that happened earlier this week. What was fascinating is how close the vote was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

With all the votes counted, the results were:

  • Hillary Clinton: 1,097,400 votes
  • Donald Trump: 1,077,221 votes

So, in essence, Hillary got 20,000 more votes than Donald Trump. The Republicans (2,276,926) as a whole did better than the Democrats (1,664,003), giving them an overall cushion of 612,923 votes. But Trump and Clinton did almost exactly the same.

Poor “Little Marco” Rubio (636,653 votes) barely did better than Bernie Sanders (566,603) in his own home state and backyard. And John Kasich, the new “savior” of the Republican party clocked in with only 159,412 votes in Florida.

Hanging chads, anyone?

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