Oh sure, let’s throw women in jail for having an abortion

People forget sometimes how much of a struggle it was for all of us to get the right to choose. Now the Republicans have been pushing the pro-life position for a long time, but today Chris Matthews got Donald Trump to agree that if abortion is made illegal than women should be punished for having one.

The Donald walked that one back pretty quickly. For once he didn’t double down like he usually does. I guess he didn’t want to alienate the majority of women voters after all.

But think about it, this is what we’ve come to: the leading Republican candidate for President is endorsing throwing women in jail for having an “illegal” abortion.


And after he walked that back, he’s still for throwing doctors in jail for performing one.

And we’re in 2016.

About a1skeptic

A disturbed citizen and skeptic. I should stop reading the newspaper. Or watching TV. I should turn off NPR and disconnect from the Internet. We’d all be better off.
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