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Courageous Trump fires Tillerson via Twitter

Our President, who claimed that he would have the courage to run into buildings unarmed to confront a school shooter, doesn’t even have the balls to fire his Secretary of State face-to-face. No, just as with the firing of James … Continue reading

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Didn’t Republicans used to hate the Russkies?

Vladimir Putin went before the cameras yesterday in his annual State of the Nation speech, and essentially announced the revival of the Russian nuclear weapons program. He hinted strongly that no one would be able to ignore the Russian’s “strategic … Continue reading

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Hope Hicks resigning from the Trump Administration is not a little thing

Hope Hicks leaving the Trump campaign is not a little thing. Hicks is one of the original Trump loyalists. She’s only 29. The Donald and Ivanka are the only people she’s really ever worked for.[1] I don’t believe she’s going … Continue reading

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We have a President with the emotional maturity of a Five year old.

As most of you know already, last week Donald Trump fired James Comey, and his administration fabricated this lengthy alibi involving Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (technically Comey’s boss) and his negative assessment of how Comey handled the Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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What to make of Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey?

What to make of the firing of James Comey yesterday by Donald Trump? It  certainly had echoes of the Saturday Night Massacre under the Nixon Administration. The official explanation from Trump’s administration is that Comey mishandled the investigation into Hillary … Continue reading

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Trump’s first 100 Days

One of the very few things I agree with Donald Trump on is the notion that the “first 100 days” standard is essentially a meaningless standard. As National Public Radio pointed out in a recent story, the first 100 day … Continue reading

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The Difference between Fake News on the Left and Fake News on the Right

A lot has been made of the term “fake news.” There was a lot of it during the past Presidential election, and the Trump administration has taken to branding every story that it doesn’t like to be “fake news.” It … Continue reading

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