We have a President with the emotional maturity of a Five year old.

As most of you know already, last week Donald Trump fired James Comey, and his administration fabricated this lengthy alibi involving Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (technically Comey’s boss) and his negative assessment of how Comey handled the Hillary Clinton probe, and then the Donald went and undercut his entire administration by announcing to Lester Holt that he had fired Comey because he was a “showboat” and because he wouldn’t proclaim his loyalty to the President and because he wouldn’t wrap up the Russia investigation. And then he followed that up with a tweet threatening James Comey if he had any tapes of their conversation, which brought up a whole new set of questions, like is the White House taping people’s conversations again (as Richard Nixon and some of his predecessors had done) or did the President engage in obstruction of justice?

But never mind all that.

The two most fascinating stories for me, coming out of the White House this week were:

  1. That in a dinner with reporters from Time Magazine, the Donald had two scoops of ice cream on his chocolate pie, whereas the rest of the diners only had one.
  2. That in an interview with the Economist magazine, the President claimed to have invented the phrase ‘Prime the Pump.’

To which one can only say, really?!

Our President, my friends, has the emotional maturity of a five year old.

He needs to distinguish himself by getting two scoops of ice cream. He apparently needs to believe of himself that he invented phrases which have been in common usage since the Great Depression. And he has such an ego that he needs everyone to know that he made the decision to fire Comey, because that’s what he does, even though it may lead to an obstruction of justice investigation for him. (Prior to this week, I doubt the Donald even knew what obstruction of justice was.)

This is a guy who genuinely thought that Democrats would celebrate his firing of Comey since most of us already blamed Comey for creating the conditions that led to Hillary Clinton’s loss. Which he did.

We’ve moved from a guy (Obama) who was in the White House for eight years without creating any kind of a scandal to an emotional toddler who had a scandal brewing on the day he was inaugurated.

That’s our alternative reality now, my friends.

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