Hope Hicks resigning from the Trump Administration is not a little thing

Hope Hicks leaving the Trump campaign is not a little thing. Hicks is one of the original Trump loyalists. She’s only 29. The Donald and Ivanka are the only people she’s really ever worked for.[1]

I don’t believe she’s going to spend more time with her family (given that she doesn’t have one).

No, this is about her admitting to a Congressional Committee that she told “white lies” (and that’s being kind) on behalf of the Donald.[2]

Why did she admit this to a Congressional Committee?

Because if you lie to Congress while under oath, that’s perjury.

I’m guessing that Hicks is in enough legal trouble as it is just by being a part of the Trump campaign. It seems that more and more investigators are interested in what she knew and when she knew it.

Proximity is not causation, but it sure looks suspicious that Hicks decided to announce her resignation the day after appearing on the Hill for her Congressional testimony.

[1] She worked a couple of years for the public relations firm Hiltzik Strategies, which is how she met Ivanka Trump.

[2] Hicks has, however, insisted that she had not told lies about the Russia investigation, and she refused to answer questions about lying on behalf of other members of the administration.

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