Courageous Trump fires Tillerson via Twitter

Our President, who claimed that he would have the courage to run into buildings unarmed to confront a school shooter, doesn’t even have the balls to fire his Secretary of State face-to-face.

No, just as with the firing of James Comey, President Kumquat used Twitter.

CIA Director and Teaparty Hawk Mike Pompeo will become the new Secretary of State. His Deputy, Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA.

One might think that having the first woman run the CIA would be good news, but Gina Haspel was deeply involved in black ops and the torture of ‘enemy combatants’ after 9/11.


Senate confirmation is not guaranteed, according to well-informed news sources.

As Andy Borowitz wrote in the New Yorker, “Nation Marvels at Trump’s Ability to Turn ExxonMobil Multimillionaire Into Sympathetic Figure.”

And so it goes.


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