What to say in this period of mind-numbing absurdity?

After a fall of writing a lot of articles during the election season, hoping to help galvanize and motivate the left, I’ve run out of things to say. Not because there aren’t things to say. There are a lot of things to say, and a lot of fine journalists and commentators are saying them. For example:

Really, this is like watching a train wreck. Every bad thing we thought was going to happen is quietly starting to materialize, beginning with Trump’s extraordinarily bad choices for his cabinet picks. The Climate Denier to head the EPA. The Oil Executive as Secretary of State. The Home Schooling Advocate as Secretary of Education. The former Alabama Senator who was too racist to become a federal judge as our next Attorney General. It’s a cabinet of anti-Executives.

And now, Trump’s rejection of the CIA observations that the Russians really did hack this election in order to help swing it in Trump’s direction. Hysterical Republicans, be still! The CIA is not alleging – and I am not currently advocating the position – that Russian meddling was decisive in swinging the election to Donald Trump. But it raises all kinds of questions. For the guy who was screaming and shouting about the “rigged election” now to disbelieve his own CIA because it doesn’t fit with his personal narrative is the height of hypocrisy.

Donald Trump is going to be our Hypocrite-in-Chief. That much is clear.

It’s also clear that the Donald cannot believe anything that doesn’t fit with his personal narrative. As of this writing, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2,848,090 votes. Think about that! Almost 3 million more Americans preferred Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. And yet, we’re getting President Kumquat nevertheless. So, the Donald invents the narrative that there were 3 million illegal aliens who voted (all of them for Hillary, apparently) although there is not a shred of evidence to support this allegation.

To soothe his bruised ego the Donald maintains that he won in an electoral “landslide.”

And now, he can’t even bring himself to listen to his own CIA.

I used to think that the Donald was just out-and-out lying to us, but now I’ve changed my mind. I think he’s mostly lying to himself. And then he’s lying to us. There is so much cognitive dissonance inside that orange head, he just cannot deal with the fact that he was and is a loser, that he was soundly rejected by a majority of the American people, that a good portion of the credit for his election goes to the Russians and to Wikileaks and to James Comey of the FBI.

Which is not to say that the Donald didn’t catch lightning in a bottle.

He did.

He was the man who matched an extraordinary moment in our political history, and you do have to give him credit for that.

A moment, as they say, that shall live in infamy. But a moment nonetheless.

Whatever the opposite of a landslide is, that is the narrowness of Trump’s victory here. It is essentially an anti-victory.

I don’t have much (or really any) faith that the Electors will do the right thing – that they will prove the raison d’être for having this bloody institution in the first place – but at least the electors want to be briefed on the Russian hacking scandal before they vote.

Bully for them. That’s the least they can do.

So, the slow-motion train wreck will continue, and I will continue to struggle to find anything useful to say in this period of mind-numbing absurdity. God (or Providence) help us all!

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  1. What did you make of his ducking briefings to address rallies where he tells his followers, almost like a stage hypnotist, you’re not angry now you’re mellow … ? If this was fiction you’d never get it published …

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