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This is why progressives are apoplectic about Donald Drumpf

The other day I wrote a piece about how Donald Drumpf is like a Rorschach test, and that the Coronavirus pandemic is unlikely to change the perception of people who are Drumpf supporters and those who are not. The post … Continue reading

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The feeble efforts of the Republicans to discredit Michael Cohen

The White House and the apologists for the Donald Trump are going after Michael Cohen’s credibility in the same manner that criminal defense attorneys go after the associates of mobsters who have cut a deal. Cohen has, of course, admitted … Continue reading

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Today is the Day the Electors get to Vote Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States

Today is December 19th, the day where the Electoral College gets to decide formally whether or not Donald J. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. There are, of course, many reasons why he shouldn’t. He lost … Continue reading

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What to say in this period of mind-numbing absurdity?

After a fall of writing a lot of articles during the election season, hoping to help galvanize and motivate the left, I’ve run out of things to say. Not because there aren’t things to say. There are a lot of … Continue reading

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The Choice for 2016

Election Day is finally upon us (or almost upon us), and we get to make our choice for President, for the House of Representatives, and depending on where you vote (and if one is up for re-election), for United States … Continue reading

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Five things I wish Hillary would have asked the Donald last night

Last night we had the last of the three Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – although the debates were anything but Presidential – and there were a number of things that I wish Hillary could have said … Continue reading

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Comparing the Donald and Bill Clinton’s record of behavior with women (revised and updated)

Donald Trump has had a bad week on top of the bad several weeks that he has had since his first debate with Hillary Clinton. This week someone unearthed the 2005 bus trip conversation that he had with Billy Bush,[1] … Continue reading

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Why does everything stick to Hillary, and nothing to the Donald?

I’ve been thinking about Hillary a lot and why I like her but don’t love her. It seems that a lot of people that I know feel that way. I’ve also been thinking about why everything seems to stick to … Continue reading

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Hillary is not the “lesser of two evils,” America

If I hear one more person say about how the choice between the Donald and Hillary is “the lesser of two evils,” I’m going to platz. This election is mostly about one evil. But even that is debatable. Initially, let’s … Continue reading

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What would really be involved with building a Wall

If you watched the news yesterday than you know that inimitable Presidential Candidate Donald Trump accepted an offer from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to take a jaunt south of the border and say hello. And indeed, that’s what the … Continue reading

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