Christie’s Endorsement of Trump should come as a Surprise to Know One

A number of you will have heard the news that Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump yesterday. One asshole endorsing another. All that’s missing now is for Carly Fiorina to get involved and endorse Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump. Then we would have an asshole trifecta.[1]

[1] I’m conscious of the fact that my liberal use of the word “asshole” throughout various parts of this blog is not exactly professional. It’s also not exactly unwarranted. Conservatives have been name-calling our side for so long that the extraordinarily boorish behavior of Donald Trump is now confused with acceptable political dialogue. Still, I recognize that the name calling is not necessarily productive. It is an expression of something, however, that the other side should take seriously: I am very angry, as are many of my fellow progressives. I realize that many of Trump’s voters are also angry, but they are hardly the only ones. It’s on from both sides of the political spectrum now, and lord knows that it should have been on from our side much earlier.

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