Donald Trump is being impeached with his own Twitter Feed.

The thing I’m enjoying the most right now, after the 2nd day of the 2nd impeachment trial, is the degree to which Donald Trump is being impeached with his own Twitter feed.

The House Managers are really building a compelling case that Trump had been laying the groundwork for the insurrection months ahead of time.

Actually, I’ve argued previously that he began building that movement back in 2016 when he laid the groundwork for claiming that Hillary stole the election from him. Then, after he won the election, he still claimed that there had been fraud because he hadn’t won the popular vote.

What a putz.

Let’s not forget his voting fraud commission (the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity) which looked in voter fraud in the 2016 election and came up empty.

The other thing that struck me is how compelling the House Manager’s case was that Trump did absolutely nothing to try to contain the insurrection once it started.

While I’ve previously acknowledged that Trump’s January 6th speech — which was one long grievance fest and reads like a bunch of asides strung together — probably would not be enough for a criminal conviction of “incitement to riot,” by itself, now I’m not so sure. In the context of his months-long build-up of election fraud claims before a single vote had been counted, maybe prosecutors could get a criminal conviction.

In a sane world it should definitely be enough to get Trump impeached.

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