Why did one of Trump’s attorneys have to pat his head when taking a sip of water?

This may be an odd thing to focus upon for the 1st day of the 2nd impeachment hearing, but the second attorney for Trump (David Schoen) had to cover his head with his hand whenever he took a sip of water. That prompted this explanation from Danield Goldman:

And people wonder why the rest of us think that fundamentalists are nuts, whatever their religion is.

The Bible requires observant Jews to cover their heads while drinking water, but God didn’t have time to decide whether abortion was really against the rules?

Holy fucking shit.

As for the actual impeachment hearings, the other House Impeachment Managers gave a brilliant opening presentation, especially Rep. Jamie Raskin, who spoke movingly about how members of his own family were at the Capitol that day and thought they were going to lose their lives.

Trump’s attorneys, when they were given a chance to rebut, went into a good cop/bad cop routine. The first one (Bruce Castor) went into a long winded and amiable routine in which he impugned the insurrectionists and praised the House Impeachment Managers for their presentation; the second one (David Schoen) gave a rapid-fire, angry and inscrutable presentation that not even a trained attorney (like me) could really follow.

I wasn’t the only one who was trying to figure out what Trump’s defense actually is.

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