What to make of the Trump fantasy video showing him killing Journalists?

It was reported by various news media outlets that a violent parody video of President Trump shooting and killing members of the media and political opponents was aired over the weekend at President Trumpelthinskin’s Doral Golf Resort, with Don Jr. in attendance.

Apparently the video had been available on YouTube for more than a year, but the recent reports of its showing increased the number of hits dramatically.

President Trumpelthinskin — without having seen it — allegedly disavowed it. Yeah, just like he had previously “disavowed” white nationalism.

I’ve previously written that Trump’s is the “FU Presidency,” but it’s become more and more apparent that his supporters just hate us — the so-called “liberal elite” of their terrific imaginations — without any diminution.

As has been pointed out so many times before, if Obama supporters had doctored a video like this, they would have hung us all in collective effegy. I mean:

  • This was at a Trump property
  • Don Jr. was in attendance

Hey Melania, how’s that anti-bullying campaign coming?

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