This is why you don’t want a “Businessman” to be President of the United States

President Trumpelthinskin was ‘honestly surprised’ by degree of criticism of his G-7 summit decision, according to Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

This is why you don’t want a “businessman” to be President of the United States. Being President is NOT like being the Chief Executive Officer of a business. They are two completely different things.

Just to review: last Thursday Mick Mulvaney, the Acting Chief of Staff for President Trump, announced that next year’s G7 Summit would be held at the Trump National Doral Miami Golf Resort, which is owned, naturally enough, by President Trumpelthinskin.

That decision generated a lot of controversy since — aside from the fact that it’s owned by the President — the resort has also been known to be struggling financially, since the Trump brand is no longer the pull that it used to be.

Imagine that!

This was the same press conference at which Mick Mulvaney told the assembled media to “get over it” with respect to the fact that there actually had been a quid pro quo for military aid to Ukraine on the one hand and an investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter on the other.

The fact that the backlash was a surprise to Donald Trump reinforces the degree to which President Trumpelthinskin does not understand the difference between running a business and running a government. Making deals of the kind that Trump proposed to Ukraine, self-dealing around your own assets, those are things that business people do on a regular basis. This is true.

But it’s not how government works.

There is such a thing as a public trust, and while that’s certainly been abused by other Presidents and other politicians, there is at least an understanding that the public trust exists and that one should protect it. Or appear to be protecting it.

But not for President Trumpelthinskin.

Mulvaney has, of course, tried to walk back the “get over it” comment.

No one believes him. No one should.

Trump is now — in a rare instance of backing down — walking back his own decision about the National Doral Miami resort.

But the damage has already been done.

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