Hunter Biden and Rudy Giuliani both prove the power of their names to make money

If you want to see an example of why citizens on both sides of the aisle are cynical about politicians, then look no further than Hunter Biden and Rudy Giuliani, both of whom proved how the power of their names help them to make money.

Hunter Biden is, of course, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, on whom President Trumpelthinskin was so eager to dig up dirt. The reason that Trumpelthinskin tried to pressure Ukraine is that Hunter Biden sat on the Board of Directors for Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian holding company for a group of energy exploration and production companies that needed some help.1

Hunter Biden made $50,000 per month for sitting on the Board, or about $600,000 per year. Nice work if you can get it.

In an interview with ABC News (supra), Hunter Biden admits that he wouldn’t have been asked to sit on that Board if he hadn’t already sat on other Boards — including the Board of Amtrak2 — if his last name wasn’t Biden.

No shit.

Rudy Giuliani was paid almost the same amount as Hunter Biden — $500,000 for the year — for providing “legal and other consulting services”3 to a company founded by Lev Parnas, one of the two Ukrainian businessmen who have now been arrested in connection with their efforts to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden in Ukraine.4

Is it any wonder that hardworking Americans are cynical about the work of connected politicians and their families.

Hunter Biden now concedes that it probably didn’t look good to be accepting this work, or the work he did for CEFC China Energy.5

Again, no shit Sherlock.

It’s not a good smelling scenario, but it’s not illegal, and it pales in comparison to the crimes that President Trumpelthinskin commits just about every day of the week.

  1. Because Burisma Holdings faced a money laundering investigation in the aftermath of the 2014 “Euromaidan” revolution in Ukraine, the executives sought to assemble a “high-profile international board” to blunt the potential fallout.
  2. Ironically, it was George W. Bush who appointed Hunter Biden to the Board of Amtrak in 2006, even before Biden’s father became Vice President.
  3. And you can be sure that “America’s Mayor” was really hitting the law books on behalf of his Ukrainian clients.
  4. The name of the outfit that Parnas and his partner Igor Fruman founded is called — wait for it — “Fraud Guarantee.”
  5. President Trumpelthinskin erroneously claimed at one of his rallies that Biden received $1.5 Billion — as in “Billion with a B” — for his work on behalf of the Chinese company. Apparently all Biden got out of the deal was a 2.8 carat diamond, at least if Wikipedia is to be believed. A diamond that size might fetch in the $25,000 range.

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