Add me to the Chorus of Voices that Ellen DeGeneres should be allowed to sit next to George Bush without recrimination

Add mine to the chorus of voices that think that Ellen DeGeneres should be allowed to sit next to former President George W. Bush at a football game, and laugh, without any recrimination. In fact, she should be encourage to do so.

It’s important that in this day and age we be able to distinguish between a malignant narcissist like Donald Trump and a bumbling but well-meaning conservative like George W. Bush. We might disagree with him, and even disagree with him profoundly, but at his core George W. is a decent human being. 1 We need to talk to the other decent human beings in our orbit.2

The problem with Donald Trump is not that he’s conservative or that he’s appointing conservative judges. The problem is that he’s a racist and closet-fascist and compulsive liar who will sell out anyone — such as he did most recently to the Kurds — when he thinks the sellout will benefit him.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he is completely dismissive of any restraints or any rules or regulations, believing that they apply only to other people, but never to him. For conservatives who actually love the Constitution — as so many claim — this grifter’s Presidency should be anathema to them.

There is so much healing that will need to go on after this administration is finally removed from power that those of us who are fans of George W. Bush, or Ellen DeGeneres, or Michelle Obama had better be prepared to talk to each other, if we want to continue to have a nation.

  1. I know that there are people who believe that George W. Bush is a war criminal because of his prosecution of the war in Iraq, and while that is a legitimate point of view, it’s beyond the scope of this article.
  2. George W. Bush has also famously become friends with Michelle Obama, who were seen passing candy to each other at John McCain’s funeral.

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