Why Trump’s promise that Mexico would pay for the wall matters

Some people think that it doesn’t matter that Trump promised not only to “build that wall,” but also that Mexico would pay for it.

I disagree. I think it matters greatly.

Consider for a moment why Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. What he was signaling is that he was such a wizard negotiator – so much better a negotiator than any of the rest of us – that he had a secret ploy to get the Mexicans to pay.

Not only were the Mexicans going to allow themselves to be walled off from us, but they were going to like it. They were going to like it so much that they would be willing to shoulder the cost.

Having read several biographies of Donald Trump I was far less impressed by his alleged negotiating skills. The man has balls, you have to give him that. And with his scheme to license the Trump name on a lot of real estate projects where the Trump’s are not actually involved in financing or building the projects, you have to give him credit for that as well. It’s a very clever scheme.

But, as we know, Trump has also started many businesses that failed, including gigantic con schemes like Trump University.

We now have to hold Trump to account for the promise that he made, the promise that Mexico will pay for the wall. Instead of holding Democrats to account, and trying to force them to pony up $5 billion just to keep the government open, Trump needs to step up and deliver on his promise to make the Mexican’s pay.

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