We haven’t completely lost our minds in the Commonwealth

Last Tuesday night, as the results from Super Tuesday were coming in, I got a text from my friend Helen, now in Seattle but having grown up in Boston, who basically said, “WTF?!”

How was it that Massachusetts gave Donald Trump his biggest margin of victory among Tuesday’s electorates? Here, in Massachusetts, we reflexively hate all things New York. Yankees, Jets, Giants, Knickerbockers, we certainly hate all of their sports teams and athletes. And yet, here comes the Captain of the Clown Car, straight out of Fifth Avenue, and he sweeps up here in the Bay State.


Of course, I had to point out to my friend that it was not quite as bad as it seemed. First of all, of the Commonwealth’s 1,810,192 voters 586,465 had gone for Hillary Clinton, 578,829 for Bernie Sanders, and only 305,230 for Donald Trump. Together, Hillary and Bernie got 64.4% of the vote; the Donald a mere 16.9%. (Okay, that’s still 16% more than I would have predicted when the Donald announced last year, but never mind that.) So, the voters of the Commonwealth haven’t completely lost their minds yet.

Category               Votes         Percentages
Total Democratic     1,189,483          65.7%
Clinton                586,465          32.4%
Sanders                578,829          32.0%
Clinton + Sanders    1,165,294          64.4%
Total Republican       620,709          34.3%
Trump                  305,230          16.9%
Total Votes          1,810,192         100.0%

I have to say, the new political divide may not be progressive and conservative, but who thinks that the Donald is refreshing and who thinks he’s a blithering idiot/brilliant con man. It’s very, very strange, I must say, to be on the same political divide of anything with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, of all people.

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