Another thing the Pundits seem to have missed

clown carOne of the things that we’ve been hearing a lot about since last week is the passion of the Trump voters, and how much he’s bringing new voters into the election booth. Rachel Maddow has consistently been warning about this. And it certainly is a concern for progressives.

But something that has also gotten lost is the passion of those who would vote against Donald Trump in any case. I’m talking about myself, and just about everyone that I personally know.

People are furious that this guy, the Captain of the Clown Car, is actually seriously being considered as the Leader of the Free World, the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. As much as there are people determined to vote for him, there are just as many people determined to vote him down.

And here it doesn’t matter whether it’s Hillary or Bernie. It may be Bernie who inspires more passion on the left, it may be Hillary who people find harder to love, but it won’t matter. There are so many people – me among them – who just despise Donald Trump. There is no other word for it. I just despise this blowhard, and so does almost everyone I know. And I will hound everyone I know to come out and vote against him. So will most of my friends.

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  1. lyart says:

    on you go. pleeeeaaaaaase make sure, you do….

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