The Food Babe vs. the Science Babe

Here at the A1Skeptic we tackle a lot of serious issues, and just like Jon Stewart — although Lord knows we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves with Jon Stewart — we sometimes get tired of it. So, with some lighter fare today we turn to the controversy between the Food Babe and the Science Babe.

So, first of all, the Food Babe is a woman named Vani Hari, dubbed by some as the “Jenny McCarthy of food.”

If you don’t know, Jenny McCarthy — she of “Singled Out” and marriage to Donny Walhberg fame — is absolutely convinced that her autistic son got his condition from a vaccine. The notion that autism is caused by vaccines is now completely discredited science, but that hasn’t stopped Jenny McCarthy from promoting it.

Vani Hari, who has a degree in computer science and worked as a management consultant (but has no expertise in nutrition) started a food blog that was wildly popular. One of her favorite slogans is “if you cannot pronounce the names of the ingredients, don’t eat it!” Only, a lot of nutritionists think that she’s full of shit.

It doesn’t hurt that Vani Hari is just flat out gorgeous. It never hurts to be flat out gorgeous. I wish I was gorgeous. Then, instead of writing a blog, I would just record a video-cast and get hundreds of thousands of views. But as it is, I’m a middle-aged man, getting fatter every day. At least I still have my hair. But, being as I am instead of what I would like to me, it’s back to writing for me.

Now, one of the people who thinks that Vani Hari is full of shit is Deborah Berebichez, also known as the “Science Babe.”

And she’s none too shabby herself.

It seems that the Science Babe has called the Food Babe out. This has led to a little feud, where the two have responded to each other in tones that are not always, shall we say “affirming.”

To be fair, it’s not a completely trivial issue, as information about food, and nutrition, and health, is often contradictory and confusing. The mechanisms that regulate our metabolism, for example, seem to be awfully complex. Then we learn things like that a little red wine or a little dark chocolate really isn’t so bad for you.

I hope the babes work it out, although it doesn’t seem likely. I think the Food Babe for one has too much invested in her credibility and the positions that she’s staked out, and would not be able to back down at this point. In any case, we wish them both well.

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  1. Jim McGinness says:

    You may have your Science Babes mixed up. It’s Yvette d’Entremont with the moniker of “SciBabe” who has been most notable for taking on the Food Babe. (It’s her website you linked to).

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