Russian soldier selfies confirm their presence in Ukraine

Here’s a story from a little while back that you have to love: it was recently reported on how selfies taken by Russian soldiers confirmed their presence in Ukraine.

Correspondent Simon Ostrovsky decided to retrace the steps of one soldier — as documented in his social media posts — to see where exactly the soldier had been. The soldier they focused on was an unfortunate fellow named Bato Dambaev.

God help him when he returns to Russia. Although I’m not sure even God will be able to protect this fellow from Putin’s wrath. It did, after all, take God 10 plagues before he was able to break through with Pharoah, and we know that didn’t last long.

Lord knows, social media will be all of our undoing. One way or another.

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  1. kristina says:

    I cannot even begin to understand how he thought that was a good idea. Was the photo AT LEAST flattering? xD (Would that even justify it? Probs not.)

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