The Fox Presidential Debate: what an uninspiring group to choose from

I couldn’t quite help myself, and I watched last night’s Republican Presidential debate on Fox. I recorded the pre-debate — which most pundits seemed to think Carly Fiorina won — but didn’t watch that one.

Here’s what struck me about last night’s debate: it was mostly a roomful of angry, ugly, mean-spirited people. Not physically ugly; emotionally ugly.

Who doe these people not like?

  • They don’t like gays.
  • They don’t like immigrants.
  • They don’t like poor people.
  • They don’t like people who need health care.
  • They clearly don’t think black lives matter.

And to say that they’re going to repeal Obamacare is really, so yesterday’s news. Don’t they have anything else in their quiver? Nothing new to offer.

Oh yes, they’d also like to repeal Dodd-Frank. Since, you know, there was no problem with the financial industry bringing our economy to it’s knees just back in 2007.

I find it remarkable that these are half the people we are supposed to choose from to be the next “leader of the free world.” So to speak. When did the United States get to be such an unbelievably mean place?

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